"Humboldt CBD oil is an outstanding product!

I find that it is has a powerfully calming effect, particularly for recurring worries and negative thinking that result from the stress of living.

I know of few other treatments that are so effective.
Humboldt CBD is also helpful for pain.

Our 14 year old Yorkie would stumble on walks until we gave him the CBD oil. What a great healing preparation!"

-Dr. Roy King
(associate professor in the Department of
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University)

”Humboldt CBD is my tincture of choice.

What a company stands for and the product they produce is very important to me.

This is a why I suggest it to many of my clients who want to balance their internal homeostasis without a psychoactive effect by using 
an organic, high quality and safe CBD product.

So grateful to support local, clean and green!”

Arcata, CA


"❤️❤️❤️Humboldt CBD is my absolute favorite CBD product.

I've tried quite a few brands- but this product really works for me, especially for stress.

I also take it before bed and I wake up refreshed with a smile on my face. I highly recommend trying it!"

-Alexia Neal
Garberville, CA

“As someone who experiences various degrees of stress while needing to maintain a focused and productive lifestyle, Humboldt CBD is the only product I’ve tried that I can say is absolutely effective at bringing me into a calm, peaceful and focused state.”

-Summer McCall
Arcata, CA

"I'm absolutely amazed by this product!
It's sensational!
It actually helps me with my food cravings
(as I'm a little bit addicted to sugar and trying to quit eating refined sugars).
Most noticeably it cuts down my pain levels,
and helps me with mental clarity and calmness. 
This is the CBD for me!"

-Robi Basic
Friday Harbor, WA

"👍😍🌿Humboldt CBD tincture has been extremely
helpful in treating my stress, and body pain. 🌿🌿🌿

On a scale of 1-10, a single dose can bring my stress level from an 8 to 2 within about 20 minutes. 

I have had much success in preventing headache and joint pain with it as well. 

It tastes lovely, and I feel good about supporting a local company. Honestly CBD tincture is nothing short of a miracle. I would highly recommend this tincture to anyone!"

-Heather Grace
Mckinleyville, CA

"This oil holds a high vibration, and it has helped me in countless ways.
Of all my supplements it is one that I do not forget to take.

You can tell that a lot of intention and care have gone into making it.
Thank you Humboldt CBD!!"

-Casey Waterman
Bayside, CA