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Why Choose Humboldt CBD?


Humboldt CBD was "home-grown" (created and developed) in Arcata, CA.
In the heart of the world famous Humboldt County.

Humboldt County's reputation of excellence in organically crafted medicinals, is well deserved.

Humboldt CBD prides itself on distributing some of the highest grade CBD products available on the planet, and separates itself from many mainstream CBD companies by only using organic, sustainably grown premium flowering hemp (to create our under 0.3 % THC- full spectrum hemp flower derived CBD extract).

We would never use isolates or the low grade, crude industrial CBD extract
which many manufacturers currently utilize to keep overhead low. 

We believe in whole plant medicinals as nature intended- and we are absolutely devoted to offering the highest grade and most sustainably manufactured CBD products in the world.

Due to current CA legal regulation compliance we are sourcing our premium hemp flower from 100% organic farms in Southern Oregon and distributing our products from our commercial facilities in Arcata, CA.

As California Hemp regulations move forward and permits are awarded to California farms in 2019 - we will source all of our CBD flower from permitted Humboldt Country farmers we already have partnerships and contracts with.
We are simply waiting for CA hemp permits to be issued and must comply legally until we can cultivate our feminized hemp locally where we are based in Humboldt County, CA