Using CBD For Stress and Anxiety In Dogs


dog anxiety cbd

         Stress, anxiety, and phobias can result after an animal experiences a traumatic event. Like the aftershock of an earthquake, a dog can experience continuous after effects following a traumatic episode. PTSD and phobias are an involuntary negative response. An animal who has experienced a terrifying incident can be wounded emotionally and psychologically.


Dogs have incredibly keen senses and can hear fireworks for more than four times farther away than humans. They can also sniff out the slightest change in weather.


A phobia is an excessive fear response to a specific stimulus. Noise phobias to fireworks, thunderstorms, traffic sounds, police and fire sirens are the most common, but dogs can also develop phobias to just about anything. Some are fearful of people with specific traits. Others have extreme reactions to harmless objects such as umbrellas, and vacuum cleaners.


Reacting to loud noises, separation anxiety, reduced socializing, loss of bladder control, fear response to raised hands or stern voices, and basic lack of trust are some of the symptoms of stress, PTSD, phobias and anxiety in dogs.


Behavioral separation anxiety is a bit different. It stems from the anticipation of a stressful event and situation such as going to the groomer, vet or a boarding facility.


 CBD works brilliantly for all of these anxiety issues calming the body and brain and producing an overall sense of well-being.


CBD is a great option for pets with stress, phobias, and anxiety.

CBD is non- psychoactive and won’t produce a high.  CBD interacts with the endo-cannabinoid system, calming the fight and flight stressors.


CBD is also said to be a natural remedy for dog seizures, tremors, bowel problems, chronic pain, inflammation and arthritis.

Researchers suggest to look up “CBD dosage/milligrams, per pound of body weight for your dog”


Make sure the CBD you give your loved one is 100% organic and 100% pure – no flavors or additives.

Humboldt CBD uses only pure organic coconut oil and organic CBD extract.


Mix the CBD in with a teaspoon of fish or meat and your beloved will gobble it down. 


Author, Ana Charvelle VP Humboldt CBD