Pesticides, fungicides, mold, heavy metals and solvents in your CBD

CBD pesticides

What you don't know - can hurt you.

The amount of pesticides, fungicides, dangerous heavy metals, residual solvents, microbiological contaminants and mold that can be found in many CBD brands is extremely alarming.


These substances are toxic and carcinogenic - and can cause headaches, body aches and an overall low feeling - totally counter-productive to the benefits of CBD.

Insecticides and fungicides are really nasty carcinogenic toxins.

Exposure to many of these chemicals has proven poisonous resulting in symptoms including, rashes, nausea, vomiting, nosebleeds, and tremors.

Not only are these chemicals carcinogenic, but they are also bio-accumulative and can build up in your organs and body exponentially over time.

The use of pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals are unregulated in industrial hemp production - and commonly used in hemp CBD cultivation.

Hemp is known for it's ability to rapidly absorb environmental contaminants - which makes organic cultivation critical.

Right now, with unregulated pesticide and fungicide use for hemp in the United States - it’s like the Wild West and you consume at your own risk.

If your CBD does not state clearly- that it is organic then it is likely NOT organic and contains levels of pesticides, fungicides and heavy metals.

Customers should always make sure that the brand they choose makes their analytics available - for both the raw hemp they use to make their extracts from – and the extract itself.

Transparency must be offered to the customer to ensure authenticity that these substances are not contaminating their products - and that the end product is truly organic.

Humboldt CBD is 100% organic and toxin free!

The flower we use to make our extracts is USDA certified organic and cultivated without the use of these chemicals and poisons. 

Our products contain absolutely ZERO toxins.

Humboldt CBD contains NO pesticides, NO fungicides, NO molds, NO mildews, NO heavy metals and NO residual solvents whatsoever.

Our analytics are available on our website


Be safe! Make sure you only buy organic.

(Author - Ana Charvelle)