Is CBD safe for dogs?


Make sure the CBD you are giving your dog is safe!


Pesticides, and fungicides are chemicals commonly found in non-organic CBD. These chemicals are toxic to humans and pets.

They are also bio-accumulative and build up in your pet’s organs and tissues and may cause serious disease. Make sure to only buy organic CBD. The last thing you need in your pet’s wellness program is poison.

Also, there are several ways to extract CBD oil from hemp, some of these extraction methods are toxic.


  1. Chemical extraction

Many CBD companies use a chemical extraction method to save money on production costs. Using a chemical extraction method can leave residues of ethanol solvent, alcohol, propane, and/or butane in your pets CBD. Also traces of Naphtha hydrocarbons which are all poisons.


  1. Olive oil extraction

Olive oil extraction is the least pure and least expensive extraction method available, it is also quite perishable, and has a short shelf life resulting in rancid oil if stored for any length of time. It must be used fairly quickly and must be stored in a cool dark place and so it is not practical for commercial use.


  1. Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Using Carbon Dioxide extraction method is considered the safest, cleanest and most accurate of extraction methods. It is also the most expensive way to extract CBD oil.


Please consider these extraction methods when purchasing CBD for yourself or for your pet.


Humboldt CBD only uses a Co2 extraction method, is 100% organic, and tests for heavy metals, molds and mildews. Humboldt CBD is under 0.3 % THC which means the THC in their CBD is virtually undetectable. Analytics are available on request.


Author, Ana Charvelle VP Humboldt CBD