Humboldt's Prized Hemp Extract


Born in world famous Humboldt County, California– Humboldt CBD was making CBD oil way before it became a popular trend.

Humboldt CBD started because the CEO of this company had developed complex PTSD from multiple severe traumas and didn’t want to take pharmaceutical medication to treat his pain and anxiety- the only thing that helped his pain/panic attacks were the “neuro-relaxant” properties of the CBD oil he began to make with his friend whom was an organic herbalist.

(CBD has been scientifically researched to stop panic/anxiety attacks and epileptic seizures due to the way it relaxes neurons in the brain). 

See PubMed Research:

He had such amazing results with CBD- it became his passion and he devoted himself to learning how to make the most effective CBD oil in the world. He quickly learned most CBD products on the market are made with  low grade imported industrial hemp from Europe and China- and that CBD companies who are using this hemp, are basically removing the CBD as an isolate and adding it to a some type of a carrier oil (olive oil, coconut oil, etc).

Over several years Josh diligently studied everything about the chemistry of the cannabis/hemp plant, learned about the endo-cannabinoid system of the human body, and began to study and learn from the worlds leading scientific experts on Cannabis/Hemp, specifically about CBD.

What he learned; was that the most effective, safest and healthiest way to take CBD oil was in its purest form, and absolutely not using isolates from low grade industrial hemp (which the majority of products on the market are made from)

All the evidence shows that using the flower from the Cannabis/Hemp plant is the where the most powerful medicinals come from. Cannabis/Hemp flower contains 480 biologically active compounds and 80 of those compounds are cannabinoids.

When CBD rich hemp flower is extracted- and all of those compounds and terpenes (terpenes are the molecules which create the various smells of plant) something extraordinary happens called “the entourage effect”.

The entourage effect is a synergy of all of these health enriching compounds acting together to help the body- and isolates (which are cheap to produce from low grade hemp) DO NOT produce this effect in the body.

Humboldt CBD uses 100% organically grown cannabis sativa flower testing under 0.3% THC- that is what defines it as hemp. What separates this company apart from the massive amount of companies flocking to create CBD products- is that they use the flower of the plant to make their extracts, and retain all of the terpenes and beneficial compounds in the oil.