CBD for horses: What you need to know


CBD has been shown to have many amazing benefits for horses. Horses can suffer from the same medical conditions we do, such as diabetes, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, bio-polar conditions, arthritis, seizures, inflammation, phobias, and more.

CBD can help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with Laminitis, which is the inflammation of the soft tissue that attaches the pedal-bone to the hoof-wall in horses. The condition leads to instability and severe pain. Once a horse has experienced an episode of Laminitis, the probability of future episode's is high.

Arthritis is a common condition in horses. Arthritis is caused by chronic persistent joint inflammation, resulting in irreversible degeneration in cartilage. Pain from arthritis can severely impact a horses quality of life, causing excruciating pain and limiting their mobility. According to HOLISTAPET, while Arthritis is not a reversible condition, CBD oil is effective in reducing pain and inflammation associated with it.

CBD oil can effectively treat and manage Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome. Gastric ulcers are caused by bacterial infections. This disease will infect about one-half of all adult horses at some point in their lives. CBD along with a healthy immune system can effectively help fight these infections and improve gut health. CBD boost's the horses immune system to help fight infection.

CBD Relieves Anxiety. CBD induces homeostasis, creating a sense of well being, calming and relaxing your horse, thus relieving anxiety during trailer loading and other stressful situations. Separation from the herd can aslo cause anxiety, such as during training sessions and stall rest. CBD can help relax and calm a stressed or anxious horse.

CBD can help relieve Colic. Colic is a term used to describe abdominal pain in horses. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and may include the curling of the top lip, lack of appetite, and lying down more than usual, sweating, small amount of manure production, increased heart rate, diarrhea, restlessness, depression, bloating, and pain in the abdomen. Although the exact cause of colic is debatable, CBD can help with the imbalance of bacteria in a horses digestive tract and effectively treat the pain and inflammation.

CBD helps reduce Pain. Signs of pain in a horse can be signaled by a change in usual behavior. Dullness, unresponsiveness, uncharacteristic aggressiveness and irritability, bucking, flinching when touched, kicking, biting, a reluctance to lift a hoof, and loss of appetite. CBD is effective in treating acute and chronic pain in horses by blocking the pain receptor's.

CBD helps relieve Allergies. Signs of allergies in horses include hives, rashes, coughing, and itchy skin according to PRACTICAL HORSEMAN. When a horse experience's an allergic response their bodies release histamines, a chemical that produces inflammation. CBD excels in reducing inflammation and pain which is why it is effective in helping to relieve the allergic response.

CBD can help horses with Seizures. CBD is known for its anti-seizure properties and can be effective in helping with some types of seizures in horses. It is also helpful for horses with tremors and muscle spasms.

CBD may be beneficial for horses with Cancer. CBD has been shown to prevent cancer cells from growing, which may help prevent the spread of cancer in a horses body. CBD may even cause cancer cells to die. CBD boost's the immune system, which can help the body fight harder against the cancerous cells. CBD can also help counteract the negative side effects of traditional cancer treatments.

CBD helps treat Desmitis. Desmitis is another type of inflammatory condition that affects horses. Typically affecting the legs or coffin joint. CBD anti-inflammatory properties help relieve the pain and inflammation associated with Desmititis.

Dosage for your horse - Administer orally. Currently there is no standard dosage for horses. However, a common practice by some CBD authorities is to dose according to the severity of the health issue faced. Horses come in all sizes. When it comes to medicines and supplements, a dose doesn't scale at the same rate as other animals. That's because larger animals have a slower metabolism than smaller ones. A healthy cat's heart rate is 150-200 beats per minute, a resting adult human is 70-80 beats per minute, a equine heart rate is only 35-40 beats per minute. This mean that "by weight" a horse's medication is far less than a humans. Research has shown that a dose as low as 25mg of full spectrum (unflavored) organic CBD oil rubbed into the gums of your horse will help with health and anxiety issues. This also means that treating your horse with CBD is absolutely affordable. As with all CBD the owner needs to titrate the dose up or down according to the horses response to the CBD. 1 dropperful of Humboldt CBD is 25mg's of organic CBD. For extreme pain suggested use is up to 2 dropperfuls. A dose of CBD takes effect in 15 to 20 minutes and can last anywhere from 4 - 6 hours.

As always, you should consult your Veterinarian before using CBD.
However, we encourage you to try CBD. CBD just might relieve and improve the quality of your horses life. Which would be wonderful, right?


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