CBD Combo Pack

CBD Combo Pack

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Humboldt CBD Oil & Humboldt Hemp™ - Combo Pack

Already love our oil? Interested in trying our CBD flower?

This is our combination pack - the oil you love with a jar of Humboldt Hemp's finest CBD Flower 


(*HEMP* flower containing under 0.3% THC)

A perfect gift for a CBD connoisseur - the two best ways to consume CBD - flower extract & raw organic flower.

Aromatic. Relaxing. Blissful.

Organically cultivated, high in terpenes and the hemp flower we use contains appx. 15% CBD.

What do can you do with flower?

We recommend the following methods of consumption:


A flower vaporizer is our favorite way to consume the flower. 
All the benefits of CBD without the harsh smoke in the lungs.

We suggest looking into the PAX vaporizer or the Volcano vaporizer for the best experience with flower vaporization.

Making Tea

Tea is an excellent way to consume CBD flower!

Crush up a CBD bud and put it into a tea bag or tea steep. A small bud will do!

This will likely be the most relaxing tea you've ever had!


You can use the flower to cook just like any other cannabis flower.

Our favorite combinations are CBD flower chocolates, healthy low sugar gluten-free brownie and other CBD flower coconut oil sauté combinations!